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About Us

"Since 2021, Prossence has focused on becoming the trendsetters and innovators in improving your skin and health. Whether it's skincare for your neck or hand hygiene products. We strive to empower you through our products, from our essence-based alcohol-free sanitizer to our fashionable essence-based neck sheet mask. Our goal is to provide only the finest products for you."  ~Team Prossence 

Why We Started

Prossence was founded with a single goal: simplifying our lives without compromising our health or skincare. Providing adequate protection and functionality where other products failed. We build products where quality and innovation are the standards. 

About Us: About Us

Our Focus

Prossence is for those who are passionate about taking care of their skin and health, those who want to be a part of the forefront of innovation without sacrificing quality or reliability. Those who want creative freedom and empowerment. We are for those who enjoy environmentally conscious products, cruelty-free products, and companies dedicated to transparency. We will do our best to bring you only the best product with all of that in mind. 

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